Savior of Pakubuwono is more than just a restaurant. It is a celebration of collaboration between culinary and creativity. Pioneered by Chef Bastian Muntu whose menus are based on the traditions of established Italian culinary while drawing inspiration from his years of experience working and living in Japan. Our space is intimate and our dishes are handmade. Savior of Pakubuwono offers a unique escape in Jakarta where energy and luxury will delight you from the moment of your arrival.

Savior of Pakubuwono

素材はイタリアンと和食から. ガストロノミー テクニックを駆使した料理. スマートカジュアルとセミファインダイニング. スーパーフーズとの触れ合い. 手作りの薫製食材. 日曜日のブランチ. くつろぎのひと時をお楽しみください.